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Happy Sunday folks,

Here is a package I received recently from Japan.

Click for Big Image

Inside are some, uh... flying fish!? :confused:

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Oh, and two beautiful bracelets like those that come on the Seiko SARG001 and 002. With well made solid links, but...

No spring bars!! :eek:hmy: Over US$100 per bracelet and no spring bars?!?

I told Katsu that when he is golfing with Shinji Hattori next week-end, to tell him is a big cheapskate!! ;)

Click for Big Image

Okay, here are the bracelets installed on my SARG005 and SARG07.

Interestingly, they do not use the pin and collars that I am used to for Seiko bracelets, but instead an split pin with an expanded end.

When I bought these a few months ago it was WAY too hot and humid to wear (e.g. ruin) the leather straps they came on. So I ordered the bracelets and waited, and waited...

Click for Big Image

So finally, the SARG can go out on a patrol! :)

Click for Big Image

Thanks for looking!

- Thomas
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