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Hey, hey. Look at my new orange flavored knight. ^-^

Because of our good friend and retro flavor enabler, Angelis, since his posts, my quest was on. LOL :D

Thanks for that, I've been knighted and in the company of knighthoods. ;)

What I like is the simple clean look of dial, nice polished bezel, crown guards, and drilled lugs for easy spring bar action.
I really dig this, but I got it on rubber, not my fave. I also didn't pay attention to the lugs. Strange set up. :(
I like wearing metal bracelets or on zulu/nato's. Most of all I wear is on zulu's. :(
I couldn't even put on a mesh unless some mods done. Maybe I'm wrong but I find this aspect kinda limiting.

Its really nice, so time will tell. I'll probably have to find a bracelet eventually.

Cheers, Dave.


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I LOVE THAT WATCH! You have been KNIGHTED! :))
I am so happy for you guys! You all have really good taste, and I am sure that now you see all that I have been saying about this value-packed watch!

What you may want to consider is getting a bracelet for it, and another set of springbars.

Currently, COSERV has the bracelet: SMY089, and the springbars: C150ES

Also, sells the bracelet..for $92.60 I believe.

Angelis ;)
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