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Finally Arrived ...........

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Just about three weeks ago I saw this and took a chance for it.
The price was just right, and the seller was one of our own friends.
The original pictures are posted too.

First picture is what actually arrived.
Second is the seller's picture.

From Ramons Treasure Chest came this Aqualand C230. All intact,
missing 2- screws, but in good shape. Was 4 % dusty, that's it. I will
have to take it apart to check it out soon. Ramons Treasure Chest
came through once again.
What do you guys think pretty good for ........... $ 23.00 Dollar Diver,
I think so.a


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i love ramon's treasures...i was going to glad you got it...

:s_hi: Hi John, the one you got I was eyeing it out and it suddenly dis-appeared real quick.
I said I just saw it and now its gone. My wife said :a102:,where did it go ?
I said it was some raschal from our Forum that got it. :93:
I noticed that Crystal ring retainer, that was a dead give away.
Glad you got it too and now its going to live again. :13:
Good luck on that one John, looks very prominent.:clap:
Wow ! Nice find Louis :) Killer at that price !! :93:

Wow ! Nice find Louis :) Killer at that price !! :93:
Thank you Sir, yes it looked nice , but when it came I was really surprised.
I love these watchs, and look for them.
My envy is the ............. " Reactor Trident " watchs also. Just the case again be good.
Being my 6306 has to wait , I try these.
Very nice score. Congratulations and enjoy.

Great find....what's the story with the difference between pic #1 and pic #2 ?
The pictures

Hey Louis, it came very clean though.
First one is what I got when it arrived.

The second one is the sellers pictures

Same watch I just tried to take a better picture, but the color messed up.
I don't use camera's too good. But its the same one.
But I changed the insert to one I had.
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Very nice score. Congratulations and enjoy.

Thanks Mark , it was better in the flesh when I opened
the envelope.
Now Got to learn more about them because I have one
more and it don't run at all, with new batteries in it too
to try it out.
But everything is in it and very clean like this one too.
Like to find out just what makes the ........." TICK ".
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