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Ok guys no pictures but I did get the guy to take it off as I asked to see the model number, I know for sure that it started with a 5 and the case number had a 2 and an 0 in it.
the bezel insert was a pepsi, the bezel itself was like a double thickness bezel with two rows of notches, the dial black with im sure 200 metres by the 6. It was a kinetic as the crown was at 3 and the pusher at 1, the bracelet was a jubilee type, he said that it was his grandads and was still going strong, when he pushed the pusher the power reserve would only show about 10 mins but apart from that it was perfect.
Now I want one, it sat quite high on the wrist and maybe a little smaller than my 7002-7001, but it looked great, so can anyone shed some light on the model number to help me in my search for this watch which has suddenly become my grail watch.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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