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boy this is a great place to get info from thanks guys
I never though people would fake (in expensive watches)
I thought that was reserved for Rolex and such
Rick, its unfortunate but in many respects these assembly line jobs have become the eBay way. There are so many aftermarket and replica parts especially dials that you almost never know if you are going to get what's advertised. Our forum has a tremendous amount of great info available for the buyer and you must do your due diligence before purchasing.
Always keep an eye out for where the watch is coming from.These people/countries can sell great items too but often junk mills come from China, the Philippines, India, Mexico, Brazil and more. There are great sellers everywhere, dont misunderstand my warning but many, many people looking to take advantage of the newbie or careless buyer do come from these countries. Become a student of the watches you love, learn all you can about the ones you want and ask questions of people here and on other forums. You can't go wrong buying from a reputable seller. Get feedback and talk to people who have done business with the seller of the watch you want.
Its up to you how quick you part with your $$. Also be aware of the limitations of help and protection from PayPal and similar companys. Often there may be no protection if you pay and receive nothing in return. Read their fine print, its important !
Welcome to all new members, great to have you here !
21 - 26 of 26 Posts