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Well hello my friends...
well i find myself with too many extra bits and with my health still not improving
i am going to be selling more watches and items in the near future too
i would rather see these items used than sit idle in a box waiting for what may never happen
so here is a few of them
they maybe able to help you in your projects
they are all sold AS IS
they all came to me in the condition you see
i have upgraded most of these and they are extras
i am told that 6105 bezel inserts are thinner too
so you may be able to make one of these work for that
but i can not say yes or no to it
i accept Paypal and ship worldwide at YOUR costs too
all prices are SHIPPED CONUS
If you think I am asking too much
Make me a offer ...
Worst I can say is no
all items are shipped USPS first class insured too
God Bless,John

Sold to A320

30 USD Shipped Conus
i currently have this installed in my extra Crystal Times 6105 coin edge bezel and have been using it on my 6309 7049
bezel insert is nice but shows wear and tear
lots of little marks on it but looks nice in person
nice honest bezel insert with honest wear

25 USD Shipped Conus
this one is still installed on my 6309 7049
i have a like new one and this one is nice but i upgraded
shows honest wear and tear and lume is nice color too

25 USD Shipped Conus
this one is the most aged i guess u would call it
it is a blue grey color and shows the most wear and tear
it is much more beveled over all the others
this came to me on my 6309 7049
i love the bezel insert but i have nothing to put this on now
as i am getting my collection smaller
shows honest wear and tear and lume is present

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