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Well i was going to keep this for one of my most beloved watches
but i have the chance to buy something that i have wanted for quite some time
so i will offer this for a very fair price
it is from a beautiful watch and runs very well
keeps good time but i would highly suggest a service for sure
i can also include the day and date wheels too if you like
there are two choices of color with kanji wheels but they are ADDITIONAL costs
movt is from a November 1977 watch
i am looking for cash sale so no Trades
i will ship world wide at YOUR COSTS
due to USPS and FEDEX and UPS being slower than slow
i can not control shipping time
but i will fully insure all items shipped CONUS
i ship worldwide at YOUR COSTS
email me with any questions and concerns
i will work with anyone who is serious as you all know
i accept Paypal as long as YOU pay the Fees
i have this listed here and one Wrist Sushi too
stay safe out there
God Bless,John
here are some pics
more pics available upon request too

here are the white wheels with Kanji available to buys this

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