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F.S Casio Overland OVW-100TDJ....SOLD.

Hello everyone.
I propose this beautiful and rare Casio Overland,
Reference only JDM, now out of stock.
Watch very technical , a concentration of Japanese technology. : Cheesy:
The following specifications:
All over Japan correspondence
Fukushima (40kHz), Kyushu (60kHz) Both stations correspondence model (the automatic choice station)
● Tough Solar (large-capacity solar charge system)
● 10 standard atmosphere waterproofing function
● An electric wave reception function: Automatic reception (up to five times / day) / manual reception operation ● Time alarm
● Battery charging warning function
● Power saving function (a when a fixed period of time passes in the dark place, I stop handling of a needle and save electricity)
● Fully automatic calendar
● Since super illuminator (with a fully automatic LED light, the afterglow function) full charge in the homes of the drive time function use in the been without the solar generation: Approximately four months
In the case of a power saving state: Approximately 16
● Band specifications: Three titanium ム ク バ ン ド / one pushes fold type buckle
● Size (HxWxD) / weight: 44.8 X 39.3 X 12.7mm / 80g
※ When the electric wave reception is not any carried out, I work with normal quartz precision (Within + -20 seconds moon difference).

Free operation.
Excellent condition as photos.
I ask € SOLD shipping by registered international mail included in the price.
Payment with bank transfert or paypal (+4%)
No trade.
A greeting.

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