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swedefreak said:
I did this a year and a half ago. 7S26-0040 with aftermarket Planet Ocean insert, aftermarket 6105 hand set, "fiver" dial form who knows what (I think I got it from Noah but can't remember) and a 24mm (!) oyster-style bracelet from Alpha Watch...

Wow, that is absolutely brilliant! While the SKX031's a nice conservative watch, this is just beautiful. Especially if it was a throw-away as it seems to have been.

And agree with Pete, the watch in OP's pic is almost definitely the SKX023, the minute hand just stand out (and the hour hand looks too short for the 031). Dunno how hard it would be to find parts for a 38mm watch as vs. the 40mm of the 031.... and the bracelet also looks somewhat scuffed in that shot of his, though that could be the flash... lowball it! :D
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