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ETA 4/21 anyone interested

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Higuchi states these (along with some new spirits, GS's, and some ladies pieces) will be in his possession Apr 21st for sale. The big river in Japan has listed for $275 USD

Here is the pdf file courtesy of katsu san's blog post

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Is V145 calibre begin used in other older seiko models too?
This watch is quite nice but IMO just another 'safe' designed Seiko watch..
pretty standard dial design although its solar powered..

good thing is that it does have drilled thru lugs for easier strap change and the nicely done bezel with raised numerals..

why isnt there any seiko divers that can have separate day and date(one near 9 and the other neat 3 0clock) like old sportsmatic/seikomatic(cant remember which one)
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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