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Picked this up cheap on the weekend as a surprise gift for my father in law. He'd always wanted an Omega but never got one. So I'd been looking out for one at a reasonable price for a while.

It's a 1952 / 53 Seamaster automatic with the 341 bumper inside (they really should do a "Bumper Inside" sticker y'know!). I figured £55 + 3 Smiths pocket watches that no-one was buying was a "reasonable" price, allowing for what it'll cost to tidy up.

I dithered a bit about the dial for a couple of days, but finally decided that the flaking lacquer was too much of a risk to the movement, so it's been sent off for refinishing. I know the purists may not approve, but there does come a point where practicality trumps originality, and rather a redial than scrap the watch!

Meanwhile, that gorgeous, if technically flawed, bumper movement is looking remarkably good considering the state of the dial. It's running, keeping reasonable time, and the auto work is all good. There's not even any rust evident on the stem! So should be a straightforward service to get it back as it should be.

Meanwhile, the case got a little gentle loving this afternoon. I don't like over-polishing or trying to remove every little blemish so think this will probably do as an "honest" tidy up:

New correct Omega crown and glass should arrive tomorrow, which gives e about 7 -10 days while the dial's being done to service that lovely (did I mention they're gorgeous?) movement.

I'll update as it goes and let y'all give (I hope honest) judgement on the results :)
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