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Dumb Arnie questions.........

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I only buy them and wear them and do NO work on any of my watches so please excuse the dumb questions....
# 1. in replacing the bezel insert on an Arnie do I need to remove the movement or bezel or can it be done simply from the top by prying it out?
# 2. My bezel is stuck (does not turn) as I'm positive it has accumulated years of dirt/dust/gunk underneath it thus causing it to be frozen.... I have read that by removing the movement and soaking the bezel (with shroud etc still attached) in warm soapy water then it should do the trick........ however the question is this..... when removing the movement are there springs on the pushers at the 8 and 10:00 position that I need worry about losing or popping off or are they somehow attached by washers? TIA
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I've not taken a Seiko apart, but I've done this to other watches.

Bezel really needs to come off to change the insert. Try it with the bezel in place, and you'll damage the old insert, the bezel or the crystal.

Pushers are retained by split rings (C clips).
If you want to give the case a good clean, think about buying a small ultrasonic cleaner. Used for cleaning jewellery, etc. Very cheap on eBay.
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