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Does anyone know what to call this kind of Nato Strap ?

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Hi Everybody,

I am looking for an extra-long Nato strap so that i can use a nato and still
have the caseback of the watch on my wrist, in otherwords, no Nato passing
under the watch. here's a mock-up with a Nato that is too short for the task:

Watch Watch accessory Rectangle Strap Analog watch
Watch Watch accessory Eyewear Clock Gadget

Does anyone know what to call this style of Nato? It could just be a simple Nato that would
be 325mm long, that would work ok, but i can't fine any that come that length.

Erika M&N makes them for $75 or so, and i think that's too high a price for a cloth strap.

I had one elastic marine nationale strap from Cheapest Nato that worked this way, and i
traded it with the Smith's PRS-40 Chrono it worked so perfectly on, thinking i could replace
it, but i'm seeing it was an aberation in being so long.

So, what are these called, and where can we find them?


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This site, 18/20/22/24/26mm TDM STRAPS has straps that work like that but not with a buckle. I have several of them and like them.

Videos on how it works. How it works!!
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Glad that they will work for you too.
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