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Does anyone know what to call this kind of Nato Strap ?

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Hi Everybody,

I am looking for an extra-long Nato strap so that i can use a nato and still
have the caseback of the watch on my wrist, in otherwords, no Nato passing
under the watch. here's a mock-up with a Nato that is too short for the task:

Watch Watch accessory Rectangle Strap Analog watch
Watch Watch accessory Eyewear Clock Gadget

Does anyone know what to call this style of Nato? It could just be a simple Nato that would
be 325mm long, that would work ok, but i can't fine any that come that length.

Erika M&N makes them for $75 or so, and i think that's too high a price for a cloth strap.

I had one elastic marine nationale strap from Cheapest Nato that worked this way, and i
traded it with the Smith's PRS-40 Chrono it worked so perfectly on, thinking i could replace
it, but i'm seeing it was an aberation in being so long.

So, what are these called, and where can we find them?


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Perlon can be too scratchy due to the plastic-like coating on the fabric, or maybe I’ve just gotten too cheap of ones. The edges rough up my skin something fierce.

Peter, I don’t know if I’ve seen one of those made with traditional nato material, they usually are more elastic in my experience when designed to attached that way. Here is one such provider:
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