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This stainless steel G-Shock GW10001A with an awesome outlook was purchased a few months ago.
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Even it's made of steel band with hollow link strap, it feels nothing.
It claims to reduce the weight on the wrist but the texture tells different. It's wrapped metal link, for cost reason.
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It's no doubt you get what you're paid for and isn't comparable to Rolex class.
Yet the watch is so well designed and deserve a higher rank for its quality.

So I decided to redesign a new band, using a material compatible to its other parts. I aimed to recap the true value of the watch in whole made of real solid steel.
I have been working in watch industry for almost 10 years and am expertise with different Swiss brand as well as the hands-on experience in the area.
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I have chosen the 316L solid stainless steel from Japan, which is totally exclusive of any impurities as found in other similar products.
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Before the production, here is the redesigned final appearance for the model.
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At the same time, I have created a water resistant capsule lock, which is perfectly matched with the original design of G-Shock.
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Make the first prototype
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This casio mold design is applicable to GW-A1100, GW-4000 as well as GW-A1000.
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Being a professional watch designer, I fully understand that a final product is made from a series of adjustments on the prototype with respect to the cost factor and time constraint.

The ultimate goal of a business is that the watch can generate the highest profits from cost perspective.
However, the designer may not agree to it and there may be a conflict between profit margin against the design work. For Casio, this may explain the choice of materials in the final product. Whether the watch should be durable or fashionable, what would you choose?

As a die-hard fan for G-shock watches, I'm most excited to share you with my work on the watch and hope you would enjoy it.

& i put this project in kickstarter,
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if you are interested in, you can go

& please go
to give me a "like" to support me

Your support will be a definite motivation for me to make improvement and cultivate my skills for the next G-Shock.

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The post is a stub. OP might have abandoned it after the kickstarter bid did not gather enough supporters.

This makes one think the OP only wanted to use the forum to promote the kickstarter program. Too bad, he has a good design, which can also be used for other brands.

just change the connecting links.
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