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Diving and shark mesh bracelets.

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Looking at getting a Black PVD shark mesh strap for my 7C43 7010. Any suggestions on who do a nice one? Photos of your own would be nice. I like the Breitling ends, but not the type of clasp and adjustment they come with. How comfortable are they? Are they a good strap for diving (secure type clasp)? Hence why I would prefer the sliding adjustment type clasp, not "solid" clasp or are those adjustable to? Hope this makes sense. Only asking here as sellers don't really know or reluctant to comment. Also, does anyone still use their Seikos [or any vintage watch] for diving? Apologise if this is in the wrong forum area.

Regards, David

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I have multiple of the WJean, the thicker one that isn't the sliding adjustment. They wear incredibly well, and are way less that the guy always touting German ones. They do not have a adjustment to them like you're looking for, but if you wanted you could I guess go get a clasp for a 3ooMM, but those are only in silver, not PVD. Other than the adjustability though, I think you'd love a WJean.
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