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Hi the 6159-7000/01 is 25 J the 6215-7000 is 35 J I think with my Very limited Knowledge Alvin Covered the Main differences.

Oh Price LOL the 6215-7000 is from what I have seen 25+ % higher . from what it looks like lately A 90--93% Beautiful All ORG 6159-700X is selling between
$2800 to $4500. More in the $3500.00 Mid Range
The 6215-7000 in same condition $4000 to $6000.

we will see soon a Rather nice IMHO 6215-7000 is Selling and will end in about a WEEK it will give a Good Idea, of what that Market is bringing at the moment.

Good Luck they are Special Watches, I hope you finsd yours,I have been Blessed with a Beautiful 6159-70001 Truly a GIFT from John W.

If you would like to see some Pictures of a Beautiful 6159-70001 Email me, I cane send pics that way
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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