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Seikozen said:
Hi the 6159-7000/01 is 25 J the 6215-7000 is 35 J I think with my Very limited Knowledge Alvin Covered the Main differences.

Oh Price LOL the 6215-7000 is from what I have seen 25+ % higher . from what it looks like lately A 90--93% Beautiful All ORG 6159-700X is selling between
$2800 to $4500. More in the $3500.00 Mid Range
The 6215-7000 in same condition $4000 to $6000.

we will see soon a Rather nice IMHO 6215-7000 is Selling and will end in about a WEEK it will give a Good Idea, of what that Market is bringing at the moment.

Good Luck they are Special Watches, I hope you finsd yours,I have been Blessed with a Beautiful 6159-70001 Truly a GIFT from John W.

If you would like to see some Pictures of a Beautiful 6159-70001 Email me, I cane send pics that way
if it's the 6215 i'm thinking about, the hands appear to be non original or relumed, one of the two. the color on them is WAY off.

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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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