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Did I mess up my H556 ????

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Good Kentucky Derby Day to all.

Need some advice please.

I was setting my H556 analog-digital watch and had the crown pull out all the way to stop the analog second hand...
I pushed the lower left button to get the digital seconds to flash (which is done to sync the digital and the analog seconds)

At the appropriate time, you would push the crown in and then the digital and analog seconds begin ticking and are synced....

BUT... I instead, pushed the top left button (which in usually pushed to activate the light feature)... and when I pushed the lop left button, the digital window lite, I heard a beep, and then the digital window when blank. When I then pushed in the crown, the analog second hand did not tick and the digital window remained blank. THUS, now nothing works.

Does anyone know what I happened to do to the watch?
I have a decent watch shop here in town, so should I take it in and see if they can re-set it???

Any help and opinions would be greatly appreciated.
I will be out the rest of the day working in the yard and such.....
wife says "life goes on..... dumb-patootie" :eek:
so will respond later in the day.

Thanks folks for your time.

A picture of a H556 is below....


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^-^ When was the battery last changed ???

^-^ Sorry it was a short reply, I would be surprised if you had messed up your watch, I have a H601 which I think has a similar movement in it.

I would remove the battery (SR926W) you could check the voltage if it's much below 1:50v replace, as you don't know the when it was last changed,. it's a good moment to make that change.

There should be a instruction on the inside the case back on how to reset the movement (marked AC reset).

If your not happy messing with it, off to the watch shop ;D .

Best of luck
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