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I have stripped these two old watches down and was wondering about the hand lume and the scratched dial.

The Cyma dial looks ok at normal viewing distance but the hands have the tiniest bit of lume on them, or they did. The dial has pips that I assume were once lumed. Would it be worth the bother of having them done do you think? I just thought it might brighten things up and finish it off nicely.


This one has a bit of a scratch as you can see and the hands need doing. Obviously it's not viable to have the whole dial re-done but is it remotely possible to have the scratch touched in, or just leave well alone and accept it as part of the character of an old watch?. Someone has painted the second hand red, I have found a couple of pictures of similar models and they too have red hands so it must be right. I'm not sure if bright new lume would look out of place on the hour and minute hands, they do need doing tastefully. I'm not expecting to make a silk purse out of a sows ear:) But it is an attractive watch in it's way and I would like to tidy it up.


Any opinions would be welcome, also suggestions as to who I might contact to get them done. At some point I would like to try my hand at a re-lume, but the stuff is quite expensive and if I get the wrong colour, well.......:91:
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