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Deadliest Watch........................

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If you follow the show Deadliest Catch, this might be of interest to you. My long time friend has worked on the show since it started. He has mostly worked on the Cornelia Marie with Capt. Phil Harris. I was lucky to have met Capt. Phil a couple of times. He was a really nice guy, and really loved life. My friend is one of the main camera men/producers of the show along with his older brother. I was fishing with my friend about three years ago when I noted he was sporting a new watch. A Citizen Promaster 200m. When I saw his new watch, I told him I was glad he a cool automatic diver and it was the first time I had seen one in the flesh. These really are cool modern watches. Later, his is wife bought him another watch for his birthday. I asked him about his Citizen and he said I could have it. I was stoaked!!! What is cool about this watch is that it has seen some pretty cool action over the years. He wore this watch for the last three, perhaps 4 years while working on the Bering Sea for Discovery Channel's Deadiest Catch. It has seen a lot, for sure!!! I had to have the watch serviced when I got it as it was not working. It is now serviced and a pretty cool part of my collection. Just thought I'd share.

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Great shape considering the action its seen.
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