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Dagaz watch anyone has experience?

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Hi there

Just bump into this website and noted some reasonable price Seiko looking watches like the 6105 and 6306 design. They too has some parts are the parts good?

Anyone has experience with these watches?

Please share your experience.

Thanks in advance
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I have purchased some dials and hands from Jake and previously from Noah Fuller who was his business partner at 10Watches.

I would love to own one of his Cav-1 orange lume no date watches but I am holding out for one on the secondary market at a discount but may have to break down and buy one from him some day.
I have one of Jakes Typhoons and rate it very highly. Great guy for service and info as well.
I haven't bought any of Jake's watches but I have done quite a few mods with his parts. The parts are first class as is the service. He is a pleasure to do business with.
Dagaz are as good as you can get for the price with good comms and service. I have all Jakes Homage watches and have bought more parts than I can remember.

I have my Aurora on today:93:
You guys are great thanks for the advice. Looking forward for his next model launch.

I have the Tsunami and Typhoon and purchased bunch of parts for mods, never a problem.
First class service.
The Tsunami is a truly incredible watch, which will never, never leave my collection.

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Agree with all of the above , Jake has been great to work with and his parts ship quickly.
Also have had good comms and service from him, though good luck getting your hands on a seiko diver homage though the site! Just broke down and got a second user Typhoon after missing the last round of models put up!


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I would support all the previous comment.....I have bought many parts and a T2 Typhoon from Jake and had exemplary service.
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