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Dagaz TII Typhoon finally arrived

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I usually stay far away from anything called homage but where you use a classic design and try to stay as true to the original as possible with top class Seiko movements and other parts that are as good or better than the original, it is a very different concept.

It took two years for Jake to get these ready but they were really worth waiting for. I choose very classic and traditional with the original style hands, bezel and crown but could not resist the exceptional blue dial.

Quality case and caseback with the dagaz swirl, fat springbars and drilled lugs. Properly embossed printing and swirl that will not be worn out.

As I keep this on the Nato, no pics of the bracelet but that was seriously high quality with solid end links and screwed links.

- martin
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Have to say that is fabulous and I love the Typhoon logo on thedial and caseback congrats Martback wear it in very good health.
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