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This is a Seiko originally born as model SNKE61. It is part of the Seiko 5 family and is about 39mm wide, it is has the standard 7s automatic movement that does not hack or handwind. It is a simple timepiece but it is also a great base for some simple customization. If one has some familiarity with watches he will immediately figure out the similarity with another famous and much more expensive watch. This however is totally incidental. ;)

I liked the looks and thought I could make something by getting some hands and dial together into a case with a Seiko movement in it. I kind of like the result. ;D

I have not worn the watch at all yet as I am still wearing another custom watch I just made (more on this later...) but it works, it has some lume, not super but seems pretty OK and definitely enough to read the time at night. It normally comes with a folded links bracelet, which is actually quite nice looking, but I did not feel like re-installing it after the job and I wanted to try out this new strap anyway. This is a real Bond regimental Nato strap... yes apparently the original strap worn by 007 in a famous scene where he shows the time of his Rolex on such strap using a lighter, had this color combination.

Anyway, I thought that maybe others may like this combination and therefore I thought to share some quick photos. Sorry for the specks of dust that always seem to find their way on my photos...

Please enjoy. :)

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