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Credit were credit is due !!

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The Spanish Ebay seller "speedtimerkollektion" does sell some pretty weird and wonderful Seikos at times ??? but in all fairness i bought a couple of pepsi bezel inserts from them last week (quick delivery and good communications) for a friends watches i was tidying up and when i checked the inserts one had a little damage on it, i informed them and three days later a replacement dropped through my letter box, so a thumbs up for them.

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Thats good to know. Nice to know some are good sellers.
I had same experience with another seller. I bought a dial and it came with broken dial pins due to postal service my guess.
Sent an email., and a week or so later, got another. ;)

I don't think you are recommending this seller, are you John?
nhoJ said:
I don't think you are recommending this seller, are you John?

I would, I have bought many items from SpeedTimerKollektion and never had any issues. Good service, with accurate descriptions and clear pictures. Sure, most of their listings are for beat up, mingy, nasty looking non-working watches but they are great for scavenging hard to find parts from.
I've bought a few repro parts from them. Much faster shipping than ordering from HK or the Philippines, and not much more expensive.
One part was unusable - a chapter ring for a 6309. It was plastic, too high (so the crystal didn't fit) and didn't have the rebate for the dial. The dial and hands that came with it were excellent, though.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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