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· Model: AT8010 58E
· Type: Analog solar powered wristwatch
· Weight: 156gms(with bracelet)
· Case thickness: 10mm
· Accuracy (without radio reception): Within ± 15 seconds per month when worn at normal operating temperatures (between +5C/41F & +35C/95F)
· Operating temperature range: -10C/14F to +60C/140F
· Display Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds, 24hr time. Calender (perpetual until Feb 28 2100)
· Power reserve: 4 levels
· Operation time from full charge to fully discharged 10 months
· Battery: Rechargeable lithium button cell.
· Additional functions:
· Solar power function
· Overcharging prevention function
· Insufficient charge warning (two second interval movement)
· Power save feature
· Receiving time signal. Signal stations at Japan, east/west/USA/Germany/China
· City setting (26cities-IATA code)

I purchased this watch from a cruise ship watch shop in January 2013. The onboard shop had a range watches from their top of the line Longines down to some horrible Chinese made ‘fashion watches’ with lurid colours and plastic straps. The Citizen cabinet had a good selection of Promaster watches for ocean and aviation including the Blue Angels models. The guy in the shop was a bit of a WIS like me and he noticed I was wearing a Citizen NightHawk so we had a talk about it and other watches.

I told him I was interested in a multi time watch and he pulled this one out of the cabinet for me to examine. I immediately noticed that it was hefty, the design was very pleasing to look at, especially the dial which although having 3 hands, three sub dials, two of which were multi-functional looked very upmarket and business like. The dial surface is jet black and is grooved and scalloped nicely to catch the light without being overdone and making reading the time difficult.

The outer rim is sloped upwards to meet the sapphire crystal and is INSIDE the watch dial not on an outer bezel like many others. It clearly shows the sequential 26 world cities that one can select simply my stopping the second hand and manually move it by rotating the crown to the city you want and then observe the hands smoothly rotate to the local time there and then set the date automatically! The watch has daylight saving adjustment for each city. This can be set manually or, if you are in a radio-receiving zone, then it will be done automatically.


This is one of Citizens best. With the finish, the complications and the style one would expect to pay a four-figure price for it. If you are a world traveller, the Citizen World Chronograph is worthy of consideration.

Earl Grey


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I really like the understated, clean lines. very classy. Much more desireable to me than the Nighthawk, BlueAngel type watches
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