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Authored by: Dutchy805

This is a very impressive watch in form and function and I wear itevery day. I collected the package from the Post Office on 28April09and it was love at first sight when I unwrapped it.

It is a complex and intriguing device which, just as with the realSkyhawk, requires skill and aptitude to commission. I particularly likethe brilliantly secure but simple 'fail-safe' clasp which isfunctionally reminiscent of the A4's Master Armament Switch in thatdeliberate action is required to activate it thereby eliminatinginadvertent operation.

Some of the great features of this watch include: Never having toreplace a battery, Solar power generation, three alarms and it runssilently.

Some reviewers were not overly enamored of the computer bezel but ittoo is imminently useful although I agree it won't be required veryoften though it is there even if only to illustrate to thegrandchildren that electronic devices are not the only way to compute.

I love the precision of operation of this watch in all it's modes fromthe 'zero setting' procedure to the chronograph, count-down timer andall those superfluous time zones, and, although it is replete withgadgets, this is no toy and it pays dividends in the satisfaction ofmastering it.

Everything has a downside and if I were to be honest the digitaldisplays can be difficult to read in low light but a watch face canonly be so big although a back light would have resolved thisissue...................Mister Citizen!

This is the most fascinating and intricate watch I have ever owned andI often reflect on how great it would have been to wear this baby onthe flight deck.

My thanks to this forum for the opportunity to share my awesome newwatch and a Bravo Zulu(Navy speak for Well Done) to Citizen forrecognising the venerable A4-'The Heinemann Hotrod' in such an elegantand delightful object.

Before you go, enjoy some video:
Blue Angels 40th Anniversary
Six scooter low pass
Douglas A4 Skyhawk and Vought F8 Crusader, USS Shangri La '69.

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Authored by: Isthmus

Here are some specs on this watch.

It is also available in Titanium as the JR3090-58L:

Both watches have the following specs:

* Mineral Crystal
* 4-Year Power Reserve
* Time and Calendar in 22 Time Zones (30 Cities)
* Three World Time Alarms
* 1/100 Second Chronograph Measures up to 24 Hours
* 99 Minute Countdown Timer
* One-Touch Interchangeable Analog/Digital Times
* Rotating Slide Rule Bezel
* Screw Back Case
* Push-Button Safety Clasp
* White Luminous Hands and Square Markers
* Time Reset Advisory
* Low Charge Indicator Window
* Power Saver Function
* 100 Meter Water-Resistant

Also both watches are emblazoned with the blue Angels logo on the caseback:


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This is one of my favorites as the Original Blue Angel navihawk is what got me into Citizens. I later upgraded to the reviewed model and its still one of my favorites. I am retired Navy so that may be what causes the connection. Its in my regular rotation and I prefer the stainless model to the titanium version (which I also have).
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