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Authored by: keeky


  • Looks, Physical design, construction, fit/finish: [size=2em]A- (Would be A+ if not for pathetic scratch-prone mineral crystal)
    Functionality: [size=2em]B- (Some great features, but overall quirky and slightly awkward to use)
Best features:

  • Looks: Orange accents on dial, bezel, brushed/polished bracelet, Orange backlight make for an awesome looking watch.
    Comfort: Titanium is Light and Smooth as silk on the wrist.
    Clasp: I've had a LOT of watches. This clasp rocks. Double-button.Never has come undone by accident, but is very easy to take off.Micro-adjustment is great for when you get really hot and have to "letit out" a bit (only requires a tooth-pick).
    World Time: You can choose which cities to display so you only have to scroll through the ones you want.
Worst features:

  • Mineral crystal: Pathetic. Iscratched mine within a week. I'm talking significant scratches. A realshame. Putting a useless mineral crystal on this watch is LAME, LAME,LAME! I hope Citizen wakes up and starts using scratch-proof sapphirecrystals.
    Quirky functionality: You can't use the chrono in the dark becausethe stop/start button is the same as the backlight button. You can'tsee the second time zone date or time at the same time as your localdate. You have to pull out the crown to use most functions.
    Radio Control reception: You can't just sync the watch from a room.I have to go outside where there are no buildings around to get asignal. Then I have to stand there for 10 minutes while it syncs. Youwouldn't think it would take so long...
In summary:
First, to the mechanical engineers who designed this watch: GreatJob!!! I LOVE wearing this thing! To Citizen: the only thing I REALLYdon't like about this watch is the mineral crystal. I hope you'llswitch to sapphire soon. Or better yet, offer a replacement SAPPHIRECRYSTAL for this watch! I'll buy one. It took me one week to putsignificant scratches in the pathetic mineral crystal. Even though I amdismayed with that, I still love this watch more than any other I'vehad. I feel that it provides the best combination currently availableof high-quaility physical attributes and solar/atomic technology. Theonly thing that would make me happier is if I could pay $100 more andget a sapphire crystal.

As far as functionality, I'm going to get a little critical. You reallyshould be able to see your local date at all times, even when viewingsecond time zone. And for that matter, you should be able to see thesecond time zone's date and time at the same time as well, which youcan't. There should be another button for the light so that you can usethe chrono at night. I use the watch to display the local date in theLCD, as I would think most people would. Well, this brings about arundundancy, as it now shows me "HOM" (home) for the time and "HOM" forthe date. I mean, helloooo, I don't really like looking at the two"HOM"s all the time. There should just be one "HOM" which shows me mylocal time and date. Now, having said this, this watch is supposed tobe designed for pilots. So, there is a lot of dial real estate given tothe UTC time, which I don't use. I like the way it looks though!

Don't get me wrong. The functionality quirks I can live with because Ilike the looks, design and overall character of the watch so much. Whenit's all said and done,

[size=2em]I LOVE IT!

Here's some pics!

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