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Citizen Promaster SST waking up from power saving mode (video)

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Here's a video of my Promaster SST (calibre number U700) waking up in my back yard after entering power mode (7 days without exposure to light).

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The caliber U700 used in the Promaster SST has a whooping 7 year power reserve (In pwr reserve mode) or 270 days (About 9 months) power reserve in continued use. Its got the best pwr reserve mode of any Citizen Eco-Drive watch in production today.

While I appreciate the Promaster SST for what it is, two aspects of this watch held me back from ever getting it:

1) Sheer size
2) Lack of radio controlled sync capability.

Until then, Citizen Eco-Drive watches with R/C capability (Calibers H610, U600 & U680) will do for me.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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