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In the back there are these numbers

6870-h12450 k gn-4-s

Not sure what info you're looking for but what you have is a Citizen "sports" watch (rather than a true divers watch) with a 6870 movement. The H12450 is the case style code.

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Citizen Aqualand Diver .......

Akable Sir, Aloha ,

Thats the rascal incoming, and its in that ...... ( Enthusiasum-Poster,
left side the clear white dial one).
The Bezel is all needed and to complete. I hope there is one some where on the planet. Hope it don't cost a Mint $$$$ for it if obtained. The price was outstanding so I picked it up just to have it. First Citizen I will own
so it was a start. Anything close to it for now would be just fine for use.
I favor originals, but cant be choosey.
Aloha and thanks for that info, really appreciated. Information hard to find right now on it. Found WUS site saying it a ..... (Al004-00W Mens Model ).
Well keep trying.
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