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Citizen promaster 1054 56e real or fake

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Hello everyone. This is Sumit from India. I am interested in buying a Citizen Eco-drive Promaster Satellite wave air 1054-56e. The seller is form ebay (ebay powerseller, 99.5 % positive feedback, score 27448, ebay seller since 3rd October 2006). But the seller has posted only one picture of the watch from the front. There is no back picture displaying the model no and cons. no. Also the price is only $1345 compared to above $2000 from other sellers. I have contacted the seller about the item. He says that it is a gray market product and hence the price is less. He also requested me to check the watch with the local dealer or jewellery shop and has promised a full return if I can prove it to be fake. but I have no Citizen dealer in my state though there is Citizen dealer in my country. The watch has a 14 days money back guarantee with free return shipping. The seller is from Singapore and is an ebay member since October 2006.

Also it says that "From full charge to stopping :Approx. 8 months" where as I have also checked the official website of Citizen which states a 2 year power reserve. All other features like world time, satellite time adjustment, eco drive and perpetual calendar features are mentioned by the seller. The watch comes with one year factory international warranty instead of a 3 years' manufacturer warranty from Citizen (they say that it is a gray market product and hence there is no manufacturer warranty). They claim the product to be 100% genuine and have advised me to check their customer feedback which i have checked. for the last 12 months they have more than 2000 positive feedback ratings with 27 neutral & 11 negative feedback ratings. But none of the negative feedback ratings mentioned a product to be fake. the negative feedback is due to delay in shipping and in some cases refunding money due to non availability of watches.

Below is a pic of the watch as it appears in the website
Any help in identifying the genuineness of the watch will be most welcome.


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Looks real enough to me. Grey imports don't come with the manufacturer's warranty, which is why they're much cheaper. I don't think you should have a problem with an ebay powerseller with 99.5% positive feedback. Check out this youtube video for more info and views.
Thank you so much Sir Les for the valuable advice. I have watched the video from AZ fine time earlier also. Just wanted to confirm the genuineness of the watch. thanks once again.
Sumit, I've opened a post asking for references for your seller - see the post at the top of page and
Dear 7s26b...thank you so much for the concern. But i am not able to find the post. I have also tried the link but it is showing two sellers premier world and watches bay. I am new and not well acquainted with the forum rules. please let me know how can i see the thread.
Thanking you..... Sumit
Hi, here's the link, Chris gives the former name of the shop.
Thank you so much dear 7s26b for the pains that you took for me. I am now contended that the watch is genuine. The members of have been very helpful and cooperative with me. Thanks to all. Now I think I can order the watch.....:)
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