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Authored by: jbdan

Specs (taken from Citizen JP and ebay):

JDM Model# PMX56-3002
Eco-Drive quartz caliber B872
Mineral crystal
Duratect + DLC 'monoque' case & bracelet
Aluminum unidirectional bezel
Date calender
6 month power reserve (power save mode)
Low battery warning
Overcharge prevention function
Double lock clasp with diver extension
Case diameter ~43mm including crown
Case thickness ~11mm
Lug width 20mm
Bracelet width 20mm tapers to 18mm at clasp
Weight 103 grams

I apologize “pre-review” for the length and for those with low bandwidth connections. There are a lot of large pictures here

Foreword on appearance and substance of Citizens DLC, a protectivecoating over the hardened Duratect Ti. Scratch resistant, but notscratch proof.

There is a ton of info and examples on the web about DLC, Duratect,White IP, Black IP etc... but this is my observation. I've owned 2Duratect+DLC Citizens.

My history with Citizen's Duratect+DLC proves that hairline scratchesare essentially a thing of the past. You think you have one then rub itclean and it actually was the residue from whatever rubbed against it.BUT DLC is not scratch proof. I scratched my Attesa pretty good on apiece of galvanized steel. And yes it showed a slight tinge of dirtylight gray Ti.

The DLC coating is very reminds me of Teflon on a non-stickpan. This obviously enhances it's scratch resistance and imo is DLC'sstrongest attribute against scratches.

As for appearance, the way this watch looks in some of the pictures isvery deceiving. By deceiving I mean this watch really takes on theappearance of it's surroundings and is very dependent on the type oflighting you are in. This is sweet! It's “chameleon-like” qualities aresomething I really like.

Sometimes it almost looks as if you are wearing a “stained” SS watch.Sometimes it is gunmetal black. Sometimes it looks inky black. Thepolished areas (case sides, bracelet link ends and sides, clasp sidesincluding buttons) are polished to a mirror-like finish.

This thing is sporty. The dial size is small. My guess is around ~30mm.For this reason it wears much smaller then specs suggest. This watch isone of those “quick glance” time tellers. I love this in a watch.

With the reds at 12, 9, 6 and on the bezel it contrasts nicely with thechrome bordered indexes/date window, and the deep black satin dial. Youwill notice also the solid chrome “block” indexes at the 1, 2, 4, 5, 7,8, 10, and 11 positions.

It's difficult to tell by most pictures, but there is an even darkerblack ring that encompasses the dial. It's width is about half of the 1o'clock index. You can barely make it out in the 1st picture below andit is best shown if you scroll down to the very last picture.

The lumed indexes, hour and minute hands, and second hand are all“Citizen blue.” Generous application means the lume is bright and longlasting. There is a lume pip at the 12 o'clock bezel position as well.More on the lume later.

The Promaster logo on the dial is really sharp. The text is printed and very detailed as you will see in macro.

The bezel is all aluminum. I like the colors a lot. It is mechanicallysmooth, unidirectional, and has 60 very deliberate clicks. The red andwhite numbers on the bezel look metallic to me (think new auto paint)and the black part a high gloss enamel. Yup I hear ya, why not DLC thebezel? It looks chip vulnerable, but I've knocked it a few times andall is well. We will see in time.



The case is monocoque and made from solid Ti Duratect+DLC, and has ascrew down crown. The crown sports the Promaster logo and is smoothturning in all 3 positions as well as screwing open and closed. Sidesof the case are “mirror-like” polished and the lug tops, case top, andcase back are all brushed Ti similar looking to brushed SS.

The case back text is etched and is very sleek/smooth. It rests justabout flush with the case bottom. This makes it very comfortable on thewrist.

The crystal is mineral. It is not a reflection magnet like many flatcrystal watches...maybe because the crystal is recessed below thebezel? Reflections are not an issue.

Crown up close:


The polished highlights on the bracelet are very nice. They too havethat “mirror-like” finish on each individual link sides and ends. Verycomfortable, typical Ti light weight, and uses pin and collarfastening. It is OEM sized to 8” wrists, but with the diver extensioncould accommodate larger albeit at the expense of having an elongatedclasp. Bracelet is 20mm at the lugs and tapers to 18mm at the clasp.

Speaking of the diver extension is found on many of the laterPromaster models. It is similar to the 3-position adjustment clasp onthe Attesa line. However it has 6 adjustment clicks and is visible fromthe outside unlike the Attesa which hides underneath the clasp. Therelease for the extension is on the clasp as is the 2 button release tounlock it. The Promaster logo is stamped on the clasp and the clasplock has CITIZEN text stamped.

Diver extension extended from inside:

Diver extension extended from outside:


This is an ISO rated diver to 200M. There is the lume pip on the backof the seconds hand and a pip on the bezel at 12 o'clock. The lumeoutlasts my Monster and equals the Sumo. The initialbrightness.....still not Lumibright, but awfully close. A very easyreader throughout an entire night. EDIT: after a lume test betweenthis, the Monster, the Sumo, and several other watches this watchtested the best for longevity ease of reading time in the dark. TheLUME test is located HERE

This is real life:

See the satin dial in this shot:

Close up:


If you like it's looks then this would be a perfect piece for those whoare not into the “bigger” watch trend. It wears much smaller than it's43mm diameter due to the smaller dial.

The lume is outstanding!

It is very comfortable on my 6.5” wrist and at only 11mm high it isvery sleek It looks sporty, rugged, and stealthy. It shines in theright light and looks gunmetal black in the right light. It's verylight weight and is certainly forgettable as far as feeling it on yourwrist. If your a stickler for heft on your wrist then you will bedisappointed.

The accuracy so far is quartz goodness....I'll update later.

Will also update with a size comparison.

Did I mention how good the lume is!

Thanks WUS!


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It was my pleasure I'm starting to miss a light weight Ti diver and have been looking at these again.....what a crazy watch world I live in! :)

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Hi Jbdan,

It was my pleasure I'm starting to miss a light weight Ti diver and have been looking at these again.....what a crazy watch world I live in!

Ow man ,you can say that again. :D
You sold the lovely DLC one and now there are some regrets. The PMX56-2811, the next?
Although the are not large , they [pmx56-3002/2811/2812] wear very nice on the wrist

Goodluck , Elf.

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Hey elf :D

I'm trying to locate a nice lightweight Ti diver/beater....the price on these is a little daunting to be a beater :p

Hmm decisions
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