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A plea to any Citizen experts; I've restored 3 Citizen Leopards, all 7710 super beat 8s. Two are running very even, almost no beat error, good amplitude and a few seconds +-, however one looks like the dogs lunch on the timegrapher(posted previously). I believe I've sorted the issue however I'm completely stumped as to how you go about ID-ing Citizen parts. As far as I can tell you have a general part(023 - fourth wheel for example) followed by a second number that is I assume associated with the movement, and that's where I get stuck.

I found this escape wheel part 032 on yahoo auctions which I can reference against a cal.7200 diagram however if I need 023 would it be 023-91? My next question is whether 91 is a cal. number or if the 7710 has a different suffix? It seems like there isn't a direct correspondence and lots of shared parts. Ultimately I can seem to find the right documentation JB and Boley don't have part numbers either. Thank you greatly in advance.

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Lastly if anyone has a pile of Leopard superbeat 8s parts lying around, I would be interested.

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