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Max said:
You are not the only one, mine was just the same. I lubed it with some sillicone grease the day I got it, but after 6 months of on and off wearing (which means setting the time & date a lot), the thread was worn out, and I wasn't able to secure the crown anymore.

I wonder if the material choice of the crown (or of the stem tube) was a smart one...

Sold the NY0054 as a bastler-watch.

I'll stick to NY0040's....
That's the third case of this happening I've read about, including my own. I managed to wear out the threads in the stem tube just a couple of months after acquiring the watch. I was quoted a ridiculous price for a new case, and so sold my NY0054 to a non-diver friend. And it's not like I don't know how to properly screw in a dive watch crown.
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