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No problems with mine.

Am now looking for a spare strap. Have been toying with rubber with deployants, but most I've found on the web do not have well constructed deployants (and have wasted quite a bit of $$ trying them out and cutting them to length myself with a couple of mistakes along the way!!).

Have just discovered Hirsch water resistant leathers and put it on my black Citizen AT870 Eco Drive and it looks wonderful, so much better than the canvas strap it came with. I shower with my watches (hell, I even make love to my wife with my watches still on my wrist!!) and the Hirsch really lived up to it's water resistant claims. I hardly noticed that it was leather because water just rolled off it like water off a duck's back! The lining it seems, was made from some scuba diving wet suit material so it hardly remained damp. Am very happy with it.

I'm just not sure which Hirsch to use to match the Titanium casing of the NY0054. Any of you have suggestions?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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