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Authored by: Frogger

Citizen NY0040 Diver's 200m

Citizen is a Japanese watch brand and is quite popular amongstDiver's, the ProMaster Series. But of course they also produce othermodels as well.
This review concentrates on the NY0049 an ISO certified diving watch.

This is an automatic watch with date and day and anuni-rotating bezel. It is available in classic black, blue and yellow.Its special features are a screw-down crown on the 8'o clock positionand its handwinding ability- which is unusual in this price segment.Also the day is available in two different languages in one watch:Japanes/ English, Chinese/ English, German/ English, French/ Englishand maybe more.

The watch itself is made out of one block of steal in a specialone-piece-one-pour process. Citizen does not say what kind of steelthey use. The back is a screw-back with all its advantages anddisadvantages. The screw-down crown is perfect for left-handed personsand doesnt even dig into your wrist when worn on the right. It isavailable with a stainless steel bracelet and divers extension -one ofthe best I have seen, since it can be adjusted to any lenght on the gowithout tools- and a rubber band which has a textile layer, so if therubber breaks the textile helps preventing a loss of your preciouswatch.

The watch is featured with a simple but stable Citizen 8203Ain-house movement, which is now for over 20 years on the market andruns no matter what. 21 rubies take care for its accuracy and 21'600half-cycles/h with 45h power reserve are a standard for mechanicals.Safe against vibrations and shocks. In the 90's the QC wasn't as goodas it is now and mine had to be adjusted since it had a drift of about30 seconds per day. My new one has plus-minus zero if you dont take itoff at night! The automatic movemnt does not hack, but you can when nottoo much wound screw the crown backwards to keep the second hand at itsplace. Some do not recommend doing so, but I havent experienced anyproblems till now- knock knock knock. Of course Citizen didnt miss outquicksetting of day and date! Another reason for this little bargain isthe abilit to hand wind the movement- I dont see the reason why Ishould need it, since it only gives more wear on the crown but some seethis as a must have.

In my case the dial is black and shining. If you take a blueone it reflects even more and looks very elegant. The hands and indicesare made of steel, are not chromed or at least dont shine as bright ason the Seiko SKX171 (see my other review) and filled with some glowingsubstance. [Citizen representatives told me it is called'superluminous', but people on the forum have talked about 'Natulite']Anyways the lume is very bright, brighter than the SKX171 at night andshines for the whole night visibly, but at least for 8 hours, if you doNOT take special care of recharging the lume. If you at day let the sunshine shortly on it and then enter a room it glows bright green.

This little fellow takes quite a beating and I havent been able to break it up till now.
The mineral glass doesnt scratch easily but it does. The glass isnearly on the same level as the bezel so it isnt much protected- thatis a shame!
In my experience the glow suffers some aging. I experienced this whileon a vacation in Egypt. After the trip the lume was nearly completelygone. Age of the watch about 5 years. I am not sure if water got intoit while I was diving or if it was the UV-light exposure, the movementwas still very good, so I suspect a degradation of the lume itself.

Still such a watch is a very good choice for people wanting asportiv look paired with a reliable workhorse. Expect at least 10 yearsof problem free operation- my is now working for over 15 years and wasnever serviced; shame on me..
(This is a promotional pic, I will include some shots in a few days)

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