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Citizen Navihawk Blue Angles - Display failed?

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Hey all,

I'm new to the forum and hope I found the right subforum to post my question. If not, please feel free to move it to the correct place. :)

I tried the search function as well, but couldnt find anything.

I own a 1st generation Citizen Navihawk Blue Angles watch. Its been sitting in my basement for the better part of the past 6 years or so. ;) I recently found it and decided to check it out .. see if its still working.

Obviously I had to replace the battery, who knows how long it had been dead. After replacing the battery and resetting it, it seems like the digital display is not working properly anymore. I follow the manual, set the dial to TME, pull out the button and hold A, B, and C for two seconds. Afterwards I can realign the hands (not sure what the english terminology is). But I basically have to do it in "the blind" since the display is not working anymore. The watch itself seems to work normally, keeps time and all.

If I tilt the watch and look at the display from an angle, I can actually see the display displaying all crystals after pushing A,B, and C. But it seems to be very weak. When I exit the alignment mode, I cant see anything on the display, no matter what angle.

Does anyone have any idea on what might be the problem? I hope I explained my problem properly, English isnt my native language. ;) Please ask if something is not clear.

Best regards,

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Was there any evidence of battery leak when you replaced the battery?

The display looks like this (when the movement is dismantled)

it is possible that something is preventing good electrical contact to the display.

If you can't fix this yourself, Citizen UK will for about £70.

Sir Alan, thank you very much for giving me a starting point. Just bought a C300 with a claimed to be just dead battery. Brought the watch to watch shop in mall and guy replaced the battery and somehow set the time on the inside of the watch. Got the watch back and noticed the LCD display was really dim. When I pull the (M)ode button and hold ABC to reset it, the display lights up nice and bright, but right after I leave the 8888's screen back to no visibility at all.

Anyways, you gave me hope. Going to order a spanner wrench on Amazon and hopefully fix the screen due to bad contact. Your help has been awesome.

Ohh this is my first post btw.. Hello all - Kevin from Long Island NY
My new watch worked for about 1.5 yrs (i only wore it a few times since i have 5 other watches) and then all i did was buy a new battery. All * i * can say is that i removed & replaced the original battery (absolutely no leakage) - resetting it is another process that i do not know how to do. My eyes now are not good enough to use this watch so i will be selling it. If you want it let me know.
Pmd you

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