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Citizen Navihawk Blue Angles - Display failed?

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Hey all,

I'm new to the forum and hope I found the right subforum to post my question. If not, please feel free to move it to the correct place. :)

I tried the search function as well, but couldnt find anything.

I own a 1st generation Citizen Navihawk Blue Angles watch. Its been sitting in my basement for the better part of the past 6 years or so. ;) I recently found it and decided to check it out .. see if its still working.

Obviously I had to replace the battery, who knows how long it had been dead. After replacing the battery and resetting it, it seems like the digital display is not working properly anymore. I follow the manual, set the dial to TME, pull out the button and hold A, B, and C for two seconds. Afterwards I can realign the hands (not sure what the english terminology is). But I basically have to do it in "the blind" since the display is not working anymore. The watch itself seems to work normally, keeps time and all.

If I tilt the watch and look at the display from an angle, I can actually see the display displaying all crystals after pushing A,B, and C. But it seems to be very weak. When I exit the alignment mode, I cant see anything on the display, no matter what angle.

Does anyone have any idea on what might be the problem? I hope I explained my problem properly, English isnt my native language. ;) Please ask if something is not clear.

Best regards,

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Just a thought - try looking at the LCD through some polarised sunglasses while rotating the lenses. Sometimes it's the polarising filter for the LCD that degrades with age.
If not, it could well be that the display is not getting a high enough voltage to work correctly.
If you could post the details from the back of the watch - with serial numbers, it would make it easier for others to help.

thanks for the quick reply. :) I will have to see if I can get some polarized sunglasses from somewhere. I only own non-polarized ones. :(

Do you know by chance how many volts it needs to get? I replaced the battery with the same model that was in it before, #399 which gives 1,55V I believe.

Best regards,

1.55v is the standard voltage, it might be worth checking the actual voltage with a meter to confirm whether the battery is OK ( even if it's new), it must show 1.5v or more.
Please give the details from the case back - then we know which movement is fitted and we can find the tech repair guide.
Details from the back are as follows:


Hope that helps. :)
There isn't a C300 manual available, but the C310 should be 99% the same - Technical Manuals/C310.pdf
Was there any evidence of battery leak when you replaced the battery?

The display looks like this (when the movement is dismantled)

it is connected to the PCB with two conductive strips (top and bottom)

its held in place by this plastic retainer

which clips onto the back of the movement (2 clips at the top, 2 at the bottom)

it is possible that something is preventing good electrical contact to the display.

If you can't fix this yourself, Citizen UK will for about £70.
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Also, the Accurist World Timer uses the same movement (though its referred to as the CP00) - these watches can be picked up much more cheaply than the Citizen C300 based Navihawk and can be used as a donor.
Sir Alan, that is one of the most detailed replies I have ever seen.
Good on you!
Sir Alan, that is one of the most detailed replies I have ever seen.
Good on you!
Agreed!, maybe it should be put in the forum archive?
Hey all :)

Thank you for all the replys!! Sorry for not getting back to you all sooner.

I appreciate the time you are all taking to help me.

I checked the new battery with a meter today and its showing 1,56V. So its all good from that side it seems.

There is no evidence of a battery leak. I can't see any leakage when I open the watch and the old battery seems to be fully intact (except for the fact that its empty ;)).

I did check out the C300 technical manual that was linked. Judging from the front face my watch seems to be more similar to the C320. But when I compare both the technical manuals, it looks like the inside of both watches is the same.

I tried to disassemble the watch further, but I've run into a problem. I open up the watch, take out the battery strap, the battery, and the buzzer contact spring. Thats about the furthest I get. I'm able to remove button B from the case, but that doesnt seem to help much. There is a white circular plastic ring around the inner works, which looks like the LC display panel supporter from the manual, but its inserted from the lower end of the watch! I'm unable to remove the circuit board supporter due to this white circular supporter. To be more specific, I can get the white circular thing out about 90%, but the rest is stuck on the Mode M button. :( No idea how to remove that button or if its even allowed to remove it. To see what white circular thing I'm talking about have a look at the youtube video with the title "Citizen Skyhawk C651 Problem Fixed" by hl chang. You can see it at minute 3:15. Unfortunately I cant link the video as my post count is still too low. ;)

I also seem to be unable to remove the entire center piece/module from the casing, as is seen in Sir Alans pictures. Again, the Mode button seems to be in the way.

Any advise or ideas? :/

Best regards,

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OK, disassembly is quite easy.

You need to remove the mode select button / stem. You do this by pushing on the small dimple (marked with the yellow circle) and then pulling the button out.

You can then remove the movement holder (white). You'll notice that on the 4pm position (the mode select) there is a hole rather than a slot. That's what is preventing you doing this at the moment.

Then the movement holder then lifts out easily. Then the movement can be dropped out of the case.

Be careful not to lose the contact switch to the buzzer on the inside of the caseback. This is easily dropped and lost.

I would say that if you're going to proceed you have to be prepared to make things worse (than they already are). If you're not, then stop now!!!

In order to get to the LCD display, you're going to have to remove the hands, and then the dial.

This is the trickiest part (unless you're going to take the whole movement apart). Again, only proceed here if you're confident.

If you damage the hands and/or the dial it's game over.

If you do proceed, set the mode to TME (so the mode select hand is at 12pm. When you put the hands back on, put this hand back on in the same position. If you don't, the mode you've selected won't match the mode the watch is actually in.

Remove the hands, then the dial just lifts off (its a press fit with two dial feet).

Then you'll see the LCD on one side (the dial and hands side) and the other will look like the picture above.

I can't remember whether you need to remove the metal back plate to unclip the LCD.

If you do, you need to remove the 5 screws (with green circles around) and then lift of the metal back plate.

Its worth going this far to generally clean the movement up (with rodico) and inspect things.

make sure when you clip the LCD back in place that the clips are fully engaged. If they're not, you will either get a blank LCD display, or one where only some segments are lit.

If you're not confident to do this, then send the watch for repair.

Good luck.
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Hey Alan,

thanks again for the reply. :) Your posts are truely excellent!

I can't open the watch right now, I'm on the road. I will as soon as I get back home. I will have a general look around and see if I can find anything, such as leakage, anything being physically broken or so. I dont mind fiddleing around a bit, I think I'm quite handy, though I have to admit this is the first time opening a watch. ;)

I do have one more question though. Is there anything I can do if I dont actually find anything physically broken or such? Is there some way to test the LCD for example? Would it make sense to somehow measure the circuit board, measure voltage, resistance, continuity? And if so, how? ;)


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I think the fault is either in the PCB (circuit) or the contact to the LCD.

The Technical Guide for the movement will include some fault finding tips. As has been noted the C300 guide isn't available, but the C320 guide is.

Given the C300 and C320 are very very similar I would expect the fault finding techniques to be similar (or even the same).

You could try these, but I have no experience myself.

If I was in your situation I would do the following:

1 - assess whether I was comfortable to disassemble the movement.

if not, then either:

a) buy a working donor Blue Angels watch and swap the movements (including dial and hands) over

b) if the above costs more than approx. £60 then send the watch to Citizen UK for a repair (they fit a new movement).

2 - strip the movement down, looking for evidence of damage and cleaning as I went

If this fixes things excellent

3 - If it doesn't, look to buy the cheapest working donor watch (I suggest Accurist World Timer) - if you spend more than approx. £60 it would be better to send the watch to Citizen for repair.

4 - when you have a working donor watch, swap the dial and hands over, and if non-Citizen, the back plate (for completeness).

There is a lot of fun to be had, but also frustration .........
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This is great technical help here on the forum! I as a fairly new member am impressed.

This probably won't help Mike now, but maybe later. There's a nice explanation video on how to set the first generation of the Navihawk here:
Hey all.

Thanks again for all the replys. :)

I'm still on the road and won't be back home until next week. I will give it another go then and post an update here. :)

You all have a good coming weekend!

Battery clip/disassembly photo.....

In this picture, (awesome shot btw), there's a spring battery clip (the diamond shaped part) that clips in to hold the battery in place. While changing my battery, I was trying to get the clip back in and it "sprung" off my desk to parts unknown. Google searches have been fruitless--or I'm not sure of the right terminology perhaps.

Bottom line? I need to order up a new one (or 3). Anyone have any good sources for that particular piece? The watch is a Original Blue Angels Navihawk...but I suspect the part is pretty universal for the movements....

Thank you!
Hey all,

I'm new to the forum and hope I found the right subforum to post my question. If not, please feel free to move it to the correct place. :)

I tried the search function as well, but couldnt find anything.

I own a 1st generation Citizen Navihawk . . . . ...
Me too. . :) except with the red and black one.
I do have a different problem. The minute hand had fallen off years ago and I just got around to having a local jeweler put it back on and replace the battery. I did the reset proceedure and got the digital and analog back in sync. However the 24 hour world time hands are not aligning properly. For example at 12 noon eastern the 24 hour clock reads 3am.
I dunno if the attached pic will help or confuse but here is the watch at almost 10am and the 24 hr is at 1am.
I did the reset 2 or three times with the same result.
Any ideas?
This is not a deal breaker by any means. This watch will once again be my daily watch to wear.

That being said, the jeweler mentioned the pinion for the hands was delicate and may have suffered damage and be the reason the minute hand fell off in the first place. If there are problems in the future with this watch I would like to repair it if I could. For some reason I expect problems:confused:

My Thought/Question? If i were to get a new C300 movement replacement would that replace everything but the hands? battery? The face?

For sentimental reasons I would fix it up to a point (maybe 100-150$US?) After that just by a new one.
I like to work on things myself but I have never worked on wrist watches. I would not mind learning.


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Well hello and glad to have you with us...this is a great place to learn and get so much knowledge and so many great people here to might be beneficial to source a new movement if your jeweler is correct...a new movement will be everything minus the dial ..hands should get a new lcd and even a stem with it for will reuse all the old parts from yours and if you need to fix anything this will be the time to do so..there are many highly skilled craftsman on here and i know one will chime in about the c300...i will try and find out info for you too about a new movement and how hard they are to find...God Bless John...there is nothing more satisfying that being able to fix it that sense of accomplishment seems to have them (C300) but I don't think the LCD, etc is included. All I'm looking for is the Battery "strap" any ideas where I can find one or several online ?? I haven't tried a local jeweler... but may wind up there. Thanks!
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