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Citizen JV0030-01E Eco-Drive 20th Anniversary Aqualand

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Citizen Aqualand 20th Anniversary (imperial)
Stainless steel case: 200m / 660 ft water resistance
Mineral crystal
25mm rubber band (available in black or orange)
Eco-Drive Caliber U100 Japanese-quartz movement, with a maximum power reserve is of a 180 days.

General overview:

The odd shaped stainless steel case has four pusher to control functions. The pressure and temperature sensor are on the left allowing full wrist movement when worn on the left hand. This offer no binding when wearing diving gloves. The crystal is mineral, and while it will scratch, it will not shatter as easily hit hard (which often happens while diving). The bezel is fixed. The 25mm band is a rubber and is long enough to wear over a dry suit. The band has stretch ribs that allow the band to be worn tight and adjust as pressure causes the body and wet suit to compress. The watch face is black and has a normal time layout. The left side shows a depth gauge that measures to 300 ft and in time mode shows charge level. The right has a LCD window that shows the time zone and date in time mode and shows the dive information or dive log depending on mode. The LUM is on the hands, time markers, and depth. The LCD is electro-luminescence backlit. The dive mode functions as a general bottom timer that shows depth, temperature, dive duration, ascent alarm, and surface time intervals. There is also a dive log that records the basic information for 20 dives. The watch does not provide decompression information or calculations and is a basic 'bottom timer'. Over all this watch wears like a 48mm watch and is 15mm thick. It is surprisingly light and wears easily. It comes packaged in a silver dive tank that makes for a nice desktop conversion piece.

General Functions:

Time - 42 cities & 29 time zones (12/24)
3 alarms
2 time displays
Citizen's EcoDrive charging system

Dive Functions:
Auto dive mode after defending below 2 ft
Pressure, temperature and wet sensors
200 m / 660 ft rated
Depth gauge (300 ft displayed)
Water temperature
Dive Duration
Surface Interval
User set dive duration and dive depth alarm
Ascent speed alarm
20 dive log book

Personal Review:

I bought this watch to use while diving. It was purchased as new on eBay for $265 usd shipped. The layout, functions and features are geared for diving. It is almost as if the time, date and alarm features have been added so it can be called a watch. All the functions are laid out well and the menus are easily moved through. As a dive watch its perfect recreational or technical diving within the watch depth limits. I would not suggest this as an actual diving watch for a working diver. It is also not made for saturation diving. I do not believe it would handle heavy abuse over a long time that a working diver would expose it too.

I dive this watch about 75% of the time and a baby tuna the other 25%. The reason I dive this watch is I want a back up bottom timer to my dive computer. This is incase my dive computer fails. This watch can easily be used to follow a dive plan. The watch is easy to read underwater and the LUM is a torch. I dive it with a ZULU band because it's easier to tighten down on a wet suit. The depth gauge is as accurate as my dive computer. If there is one complaint it's that the accent alarm is sensitive and raising your hand can set it off. So would I purchase and use this watch as daily watch if I did not dive?, no. It would not do the watch justice as it was made to dive.

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