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CITIZEN Eco drive Promaster SKY PMD56-3022, JDM-model

Authored by: Parzival

Hi all,

Since I got this watch only a couple of days ago this review in not anin-depth report but rather a superficial presentation of my newCitizen, a PMD56-3022 bought in Japan (and delivered faster than many awatch I bought from European dealers!).

I originally planned to buy the new Promaster BY0011-50E(European model in titanium with a sapphire crystal) with the black andwhite dial but when I saw pictures of this blue dial I knew I had tobuy this model instead:

Here is another picture of the dial:

The watch is very nicely put together and gives of the air (and feel)of a real quality watch. The movement used in this watch is the newH610 which even can be found in several US-american models like theBY0000-56E (stainless steel and mineral crystal). The PMD56-3022 comesin Duratect treated titanium with a sapphire crystal. Here is a pictureof the engraved back of the watch:

The movement was very easy to adjust to a new, European temporality (and temperament?!),all I had to do was define my new home town (from Tokyo to Paris ay 4o'clock in several turns of the crown) and the watch displayed theright time immediately. The crown is quite slim but very sturdy and hasa definite retro feeling to it. The watch has several complications, innormal view it displays 24 and 12 hours, seconds and date.

After one press of the lower button the chronograph second handdisplays the result of the last radio synchronisation (high, medium orlow signal plus no reception). At the same time the chronograph minutehand at 10 o'clock displays the power reservere indicator (four stepsfrom low to high) and the second hand at 6 o'clock indicates the radiostation used for the last synchronisation.

Until now the watch has synchronised flawlessly at night-time (morethan 1500 km from Stockholm to the tower in Frankfurt), but I can't geta strong enough signal during daytime. The watch seems to bee quiteparticular about the orientation of the antenna, while this doesn'tmatter much with my other radio controlled Promaster or G-shocks thesignal reception is much better when the antenna (located at 3 o'clock)is placed in the general direction of Frankfurt (well, southwest ofStockholm, sort of [img]).

Family photo of my Promasters:

The sapphire crystal is flat and quite a bit (0.5 mm) protruding fromthe bezel. The crystal has an anti reflection coating on the inside anddistorts the dial much less compared to my Promaster AS4035 with adomed crystal (see also picture above).

The titanium bracelet has a nice feel to it, the colour of the Duratectwatch and bracelet are very close to the TICC titanium of theAV0020-55H. The bracelet was very easy to adjust, after removing somelinks even the clasp can be regulated in two steps (with two springbuttons located behind the security clasp).

Overall, I really like the watch. The dial is a bit busy and not aseasy to read as for example the AS4035. This is partly due to the lackof numerals and partly to the multitude of information that can begathered. The watch has an inner bezel that is moved with the crownlocated at 8 o'clock. I know this is very useful for pilots (which I amnot) and others (which I am), but I haven't had time to study themanual in order to fully understand these possibilities. The lume isquite bright and very nicely coloured (Citizen bluish green), but indirect comparison to the AS4035 I have to admit that the latter isbrighter and more easily read in the darkness.

To conclude, I don't regret this purchase for a minute. This is myfirst watch with a blue dial and I find it very elegant with the whiteand red details (numbers and hands) yet also functional and of veryhigh quality.

Thanks for reading this far, let me finish with the obligatory wristshot. The watch is quite large (46 mm or 18.1 inches) but even on myrather small wrist (18.5 cm or 7,3 inches) it doesn't appear to pompous.

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