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Authored by: sawyer

Well herewe are. Me and my AT0550-11X. I have had this watch for almost a yearand now I fell it’s time to share some thoughts about it, with allEco-Drive enthusiasts.

Last year me and some of my friends were in the USfor around 4 months, travelling across California, Nevada, Arizona andUtah. One day while in Tahoe City, I spotted a small yet elegant watchstore which said: Citizen, Orient, Seiko! Back then I wasn’t a big fanof Japanese watches but knowing my dad was into them I decided to goin. Wright from the entrance a beautiful brown dial caught my eyes. Iwent closer…Citizen Eco-Drive it said. It was the first time I everheard of the word “eco” on a watch. A poster on wall explained thetheory behind the “eco-drive” concept. I did have some money stashedaway for a “swiss made” watch but I decided that my dad would be proudto own such a piece. The lady from the counter came to me and asked theusual “Can I help you dear sir?”. “Yeah” I said, “I want the brown onewith Eco-Drive written on it”! “Well that was the easiest sell I everhad to do
”she said! Bearing in mind that it was going to be a gift for my fatherI didn’t dear to put it on my wrist while I was still in the US. He hadto do the honours. One moth latter I was at home and my old man wasabsolutely enjoying it. We keep our watches in the same place and everytime I opened the box to take my Tissot T-Race out I always ended upspending a few minutes glancing at the Citizen. One day my dad saw meand said “Why don’t you take it for a spin?”! How could I refuse? Sincethen me and my dad have been swapping watches and thoughts about themevery single day. Thus having spent some time with the AT0550-11X Istarted to fell in love with it.

Some quick facts about it:

Brand Name: Citizen
Model number: AT0550-11X
Dial window material type: Mineral
Clasp: Buckle
Case material: stainless-steel
Case diameter: 42 millimeters
Case Thickness: 11.5 millimeters
Band material: Leather-brown
Band width: 22 millimeters
Dial color: brown
Bezel material: stainless-steel
Bezel Function: stationary
Calendar: Date
Weight: 2.40 Ounces
Movement: Japanese-Quartz H500
Water resistant depth: 330 Feet (100 meters)
Warranty: 5 years

The brown dial and the brown strap make it lookvery expensive and classy. I kid you not, I’ve even had people withRolex on their hand coming up to me and asking me about it. It reallylooks that good, dear I say so! The case is entirely polished exceptthe top of the lungs which are brushed. This does have I down side toit dough…it’s very scratch sensible and you will find yourself takingit very often to the watch-shop/service for a quick polish

One little detail that I’ve observed, and I quitelike, is the curved shape of the strap between the lungs. Instead ofhaving a straight cut, like most straps do have, this one follows thecurvature of the case. It’s like the strap hugs the case in a verydelicate and elegant way. This also has a small down-side. Because ofthis curved shape, the strap sits very stiff and it won’t mold aroundyour wrist properly. Thankfully my dad and I have the perfect wristsize for this watch, but if you have a more skinnier wrist you willfind yourself with some empty space between your hand and the top ofthe strap. And one more thing about the strap…the clasp has “Eco-Drive”written on it. It always reminds you when you’re putting it on that youare now wearing a high-tech quartz “machine”

At first I taught that you could only wear thiswatch with a suit, or at least some formal clothes. I was wrong..itgoes very well with a pair of jeans and a nice polo shirt. In factthat’s how I usually wear it.

Just like the S066315-KA that MINIDriver reviewed earlier on, theAT0550-11Xhas a hand which indicates seconds, a chronograph hand, a 24 hour hand,a 60 minute crono hand and of course the date window positioned at 4o’clock. And it’s all put in motion by the same reliable H500 japanesemovement. If I may quote MINIDriver, it really is the bread and buttercaliber of the Eco-Drive series. I find it to be more accurate than theETA G10.211 on my Tissot T-Race, with less than +0.4 seconds a day.
On the screw-down case backyou will find engraved the Citizen Eco-Drive “coat of arms”, as I liketo call it, WR 10bar, serial-case number, movement type and origintogether with other details.

One more thing that I like about it is the wonderful lume of the hands and dial
.It’s a deep ocean-blue color and it’s a real treat to look at,especially when passing by car through a long tunnel with your lefthand on the top of the wheel…mind you, do keep your eyes on the roadand don’t let the beauty of it literally "kill" you.

In the end, I do recommendbuying such a great time peace. It does come also with a black strapand black dial together with some yellow hands but you won’t find aselegant. If you do however want a more sporty version of this watch Irecommend AT0270-00E which has carbon fiber-like looks on the dial andstraps which imitate car tyres. Please do feel free to add any comments or ask any questions
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