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Good day all,

I will upload photos later as there might be some forum members interested in buying the watch as I likely going to dump it. But I'm wondering if may be I'm being a picky jerk?

So I bought the watch about 2 years back. The first year, the bracelet kept falling off. So I would just go to the bay and get the pin replaced. Sure it might be under warranty, but pay 25 bucks shipping for a 12-15 dollar repair didn't make sense. Finally after the 5th time, I ordered special high tention pins to be sure as I was planning to wear this for my wedding day (almost a year ago today) but sure enough before the night was over, the bracelet fell off.

I held it for a bit then sent it off to Citizen Canada for repair after their client service department suggested that. $25 bucks later and with no watch I didn't hear a thing. I had to call and call to follow up, and they insisted they were updating by e mail, but nothing.

Long story short they said the had to replace the case and they were going to replace half the bracelet at a cost of $85 bucks. Now this is where I need some feedback. Am I being a jerk? I felt as though if the case was defective (which is what it sounds like) they should to that all for free? I complained and said forget it, just send the watch back as is, to which they came back with $42.50 as a quote. I know it's not a tonne of cash but now I'm just angry. So I still said no.

Am I being unreasonably stubborn and stuck on making my point? In any case the watch is apparently en route, but I wouldn't know as I don't get any e mails from them. So if any of you are in the market for an E820 mechanicals, I will have one for sale. Defective body and scratched up black bracelet (which happens when it constantly falls off your wrist) will be thrown in for free
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