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Hey guys,

I have an old Citizen I got free from a friend (cause it don't work).

I have figured out that the cap is all but dead, so I know that I'll have to replace that. I would also like to replace the crystal as it is pretty messed up (looks like it was polished badly).

Here are the specs.
Citizen Solar Tech 180
Case back 7871-H10252 Y GN-4-S
My research shows it takes cap 295-56 and Citizen crystal 54-L6555A

The question is where do I get the crystal and is there an aftermarket that will work just fine?

Looks like a standard flat mineral about 27.3mm and about 1mm thick.

Can you guys confirm?


Unless its domed or raised then a generic glass will fit. Just glue it in.
Esslinger et al will be able to supply one.
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