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sorry about the double posting, thought get more response here Hi,guys.

I am having issue with this recently purchased watch - CITIZEN bu0003-02p.
everything seems working except so-called semi-perpetual calendar.
well, it meant to be semi-perpetual so I only need to adjust in leap year once every four years.
however it's not working at all and I need to adjust several times a year when the month is only 30days.

I have followed the instructions several times to reset it, but it's not improving at all.

Just wondering if I did anything wrong at all?

thanks in advance!

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If your caliber is 8730 or similar (check the case back), then you were misinformed about the capabilities of your watch. It has no ability to self-adjust for the 5 shorter months in the year- you must do so manually. If it makes you feel any better, most watches are like this!

(From the 8730 instruction manual, page 17:
② The day of month indicated by this watch follows a 31-day cycle.
To advance to the 1st of the next month after a short month (a month
having 30 days or February), pull out the crown to position 1 and turn
it to the left.)
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