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Authored by: ninjafish

I have been working on writing acomparison between my Seiko Tuna, Orient Star 300m, and Citizen 1000m,but I have lost a little motivation to finish it. Until I do, I thoughtI could post some highly subjective musings (without the constraints offacts and figures) and share some pictures I took of the Citizen. Byway of background, I purchased the Citizen to be my third "heirloomdive watch". My plan is to pass on a Japanese dive watch to each of mythree sons some day - and it just so happened that each of the BigThree companies had something that I have always wanted.

Mason, Tyson, and Deacon

Without further ado, the NH6930-09FB:
Width: 55 mm.
Length: 48 mm.
Thickness: 19 mm.
Weight: 135 g.

I’d been watching this one for a long time and even though I alwaysfound it intriguing, I had some doubts about whether or not it wouldmake the cut as my Third. While I waited for it to arrive in the mail,I had almost made up my mind to flip it. Luckily the ‘Zilla arrived andstraightened me out. Today I would not part with this watch.

Before I start, need to give the nod to “Walt” – the fellow Canadianwho’s strap adaptors are so popular that you can’t talk about a ‘Zillawithout his name popping up. I am not usually a fan of modification;from watches to vintage sohc motorcycles, my motto has always been,“stock’est is hottest”. However, Walt’s strap adaptors absolutely makethis watch! I believe this is an example of - he got it right, whenCitizen’s designers got it wrong. The stock band is stiff anduncomfortable, and gives the watch a rounder, softer look thatconflicts with the other more hard-core design elements. The additionof lugs not only makes the watch more wearable (and allows for somejaw-dropping strap options), it also gives it a leaner and meaner look.

Highlights? 1000m rating – I have nothing more to say about that.Duratect titanium case – initial impressions are that it is extremelydurable. 6mm sapphire crystal – I’m sure there are examples of thickersapphires out there, but I can’t think of any. This crystal is alsodomed, just not as much the Tuna’s. The shallow dome does not extendabove the bezel or interfere with legibility, but when viewed from theside, it looks like a slippery sheen of water, bulging slightly in themiddle. The contrasting hands, particularly the grab-you by-the-collarminute hand, look like something that a talented and courageous modderwould have done, not a giant conservative corporation. Bezel – now thatyou mention it, yes it does look like an ash tray (but I can no longerpicture the ‘Zilla without it). Bezel release lever – a machine,attached to the outside of the machine, the contrasting texture andcolour is awesome. The case of this timepiece is so darned “mechanical”that you can’t help but admire its angles, its knurling, its HRV, etc.The activity of removing the straps and bezel offers a level ofinteraction that I haven’t experienced before, and reveals multiplelayers of unique, quality construction. This watch looks and feels likea kind of tool… particularly the weapon kind. So enjoy these photos ofa “field stripped” Autozilla:

The big ‘Zilla derives its nicknamed from its automatic myota movement.I have read some criticism regarding Citizen’s decision to use a cheap,‘nothing special’ movement in a high-end model like this. I agree anddisagree. My first choice would have been to equip this watch with anEco Drive movement like the 300m has. I would love to see a factoryoption for this, and even pondered the feasibility of swappingmovements with an Ecozilla (after swapping the hands as well). I’m notsure if it would have been possible, but I abandoned the thoughtbecause I still prefer the AutoZ’s dial, and would have missed the“day” feature. Having said that, my second choice would be: to useCitizen’s ‘nothing special’ Myota engine! This watch’s movement reallyis a virtue in my books and I’m so glad the designers chose it. Notonly is it a well-proven work horse that basically any shop canservice, but it is so common and affordable that my son, or somedaygrandson, should never have a problem sourcing parts or replacements.The nature of this movement lends itself perfectly to the job of anheirloom. A fancy, return-to-Japan-for-service, horological wonderwould have been farther down my list of desired movements - andultimately may have caused me to pass it over.

I have been wondering something about this watch - and the questionitself may say a lot about it: Does anyone know if a different designeror design team was responsible for its creation? I ask because Citizendivers seem to have similar styles, and none of the current ones reallyappeal to me - nothing wrong with them, people just have differenttastes. Yet somehow, from an entire lineup that doesn’t really speak tome, this model leaps out and strikes a chord. It seems like such adeparture from the others, that I can’t help but imagine a brilliant(or insane) designer who somehow managed to get this model to marketbefore getting himself sacked. Or maybe they contracted the retiredteam who styled the old 300, 800, and 1300m titanium professionaldivers – a trio of Citizens that also really resonates with me.Whatever individuals or company philosophy contributed to the birth ofthis watch, I think it is truly a unique timepiece, and not just forCitizen, but among watches in general.

Final note: this is a watch that people will notice. I’ve never hadanyone comment on my Tuna, but this one drew attention the first day Itook it out in public.

Thanks for reading,


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Marine Master is much higher on the scale. The Zilla is a true tool, meant for banging around and not worrying about getting scratched up and such. I own both, matter of fact I have 3 zillas. I prefer the stainless on stainless band personally. Have worn it to work on many occasions (in the construction industry). It holds up so well. I would be a bit wary wearing my SBDX001 to work for fear of marring it up. Maybe its the comparison of a $250 zilla as compared to a $2500 MM.

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Love the Citizen divers, my favourite is the Eco-Zilla but I do prefer it on it's stock strap. I have the stainless steel version it is very heavy but surprisingly comfortable to wear and it gets more wrist time that any of my other Citizen watches.
I do love the look of the Auto-Zilla though but my preference for the accuracy of the eco's would stop me from getting one.

Liked very much the pictures and review, many thanks.
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