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Authored by: htr

Just arrived today so I thought I'd share a few initial thoughts about the watch.

I don't know too much about the technical side of things with watchesbut I have always liked automatics something about them that is verysatisfying when they just keep on going! I really wanted to get a watchthat I could wear everyday for work etc. and had that auto movement butdidn't cost the earth so I started looking at the Citizen Divers. Ithink Divers look really cool, I wont pretend that I'm a serious Diver,the most I've done is splash about with a snorkel a couple of times sothis watch is really an aesthetic purchase. I picked it up new fromebay for £84 which I thought was a pretty good price having lookedaround for a bit.

The watch itself is very nice and really does look a lot more expensivethan it actually cost. The finish of the steel case is excellent as isthe bezel detail. The bezel moves in an anti-clockwise direction only,has a nice easy feel and accurately rests on the correct marker foreach click. The dial is a dark blue and looks great with big fatmarkers and hands - it's not too busy, lets you get all the info youneed without having to squint and the day/date is a nice touch too. Iwas honestly prepared for a few little glitches in the presentation butI am very impressed by how it looks. I'm 6'5" so wearing big watches isnot really a problem for me - I usually prefer them and this Citizen isprobably about the limit for me, any smaller and it could look a bitmid sized for a diver. This probably won't be an issue for most butthought it worth a mention.

The movement is very smooth and having read many reviews of the Citizenautos I'm hoping for some of that legendary accuracy - so far so good.The crystal seems to be good but I guess only more wear and tear willprove its worth, likewise the strap. I thought initially that the strapwould have to be replaced but having worn it today it is verycomfortable and is a good fit.

Overall I think this is an excellent watch for the money, it does whatit says on the tin and delivers in terms of build quality and finish.Sorry I can't be a bit more technical but I hope that this is usefulfor someone who is maybe thinking about getting one - I reallyrecommend it if you're looking for a solid diver at this sort of price.I hope to have many years with it on my wrist.

As with my last purchase the WUS forum proved to be invaluable whenchoosing my watch - Thanks for putting up great reviews and topics,hopelessly addicted to this site.

I really have to stop buying watches...

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