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So a guy offered me a bunch of old watches and amongst them is what I assume to be a Citizen Aqualand. I passed as they don't particularly appeal to me. However, I'm still talking to him via text re a vintage Tuna and I thought maybe there is some worth in the Aqualand. What do you reckon? Anyone willing to guess at a model number and reasonable offer (assuming it's working status is unknown).
Model is a C230 ( Pictured ) But it looks like the Bezel is a Silver one ( Not the Gold One )
but its hard to see from the top also in this picture. ( Could be wear )
( I would give $ 20.00 to $50.00 ..... if the movement is not rusted up. ) (But that's me.)
What is Inside .... " Movement Are All The Same " for these Aqualands.
They are all inter-changeable for this model.

When you buy these as ....... ( Parts or running )
always request the movement pictures, and it will show you what
the watch is like. The only differences that I know of are these :
1 - Crown is either .......... " Silver or Gold ".
2 - Bezel is either ........... " Silver or Gold ".
( Bezels are .... " Silver or Gold ..... Numbering. ". )
3 - Case Backs ......... " Plain or Promaster ".
4 - Hands are different for ...... " Promaster ".
5 - Both are different also....... " Sensor Covers ".
6 - Promaster Lugs are ..........." 18-19... to 22 mm ".
7 - Regular C023 Lugs, etc. ............ " are 24 mm "
Everything else is a .......... " Same Fit ".
Silver models are ............ 1 'st Gen .
Gold ....... are Second Gen.
( Note remember there are different Dial schemes also. )
A good price range for these as ...... " Parts Watchs "..... any where
around ....... $15.00 to even $ 60.00 for a good sample.
If it is a needed one, well you can go ....... $ 80.00 - $100.00
but at least the Digital or the movement is working and straps or bracelet is there also.
To pay ....$50.00 to $80.00 for one not working only the
watch head present it would be up to the buyers dis-creations I would say.
A top good working one would be worth around ...... $ 80.00 to 150.00
the max I would say. Over that it becomes to costly and you can find a
cheaper .... " One or Two " for that matter. Its all up to the Buyer to decide what they
will spend I would say again.
Also there is a ...... " Black Titanium Model " with very nice like ..... PVD on it.
These are mine from my Personal Collection.

Hope this helps you some in you findings.

Note : Remember these parts are getting harder to find also.:72::72:


3,980 Posts
Yes , that is more very good advice given by ... (the_shovel.)
He is right on with that.
It takes some doing to completely do these if parts can not be had.
They always scratch on the back most of the time if it is ...." Totaled ".
But then the buyer decides what they want to do actually.
But it is a Good Practice to always request the (movement pictures)
of any watch for Purchase or Trade.:72::72:
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