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Citizen Aqualand 20th Anniversary JV0030-01E - Full Review

Authored by: NoDecoDiver

Adapted from Original at my site, here:

Let me open this review by saying once again, I have set a personal"record" of sorts. I have never been more awestruck upon receiving anew watch as I was when I opened the little Aqualand scuba tankwatchbox and pulled this piece out of it's foam shipping protection.This piece commands attention, and has the most amazing wrist presencewithout being absurdly oversized. The watch is very large, and it wearslarge, but I feel that the size is very manageable, unlike some otheroversized diver's models. (See Invicta Russian Diver Review)

The 20th Anniv. Aqualand is one of the coolest diver watches inexistence, but it is definitely designed to be used as a diving tool.Buying this watch to wear around the office would be a terrible waste.The watch lacks common digital fuctions, such as a chronograph andcountdown timer. It replaces these functions with dive related programsthat I will address later on.


The 20th Anniv. Aqualand (Henceforth, "Anni") has a two tone case thatseems to be all stainless steel. The "bezel" of the watch gets a coolbrushed gunmetal color, while the rest of the case has the usualbrushed stainless finish, which is nicer on this particular model thanon some other Citizen watches. The finish on the Anni rivals that ofthe Nighthawk, which I feel is one of Citizen's best examples.

Each side of the case has two buttons, and the 9:00 side of the case has the pressure sensor, and temperature sensor.

The 3:00 side of the case has the "Dive" or water sensor that puts the watch into dive mode.

The case of the watch is pretty thin for how large the watch is, butthis contributes to it's excellent wearability. It sits nice and flaton your wrist, and does not slide around or move up and down your arm.Citizen uses their typical screw down caseback, but with one notableexception. As you may know from reading my other reviews, Citizen tendsto go "light" on the engraving, which is disappointing in an expensivewatch.

The Anni's case back is nicely engraved, and I think it's a good stepin the right direction for making a watch have that "expensive"feel/look to it.


The Anni has a large domed mineral crystal, and it's absolutelybeautiful. I would have preferred a Sapphire just because of the costof the watch, but there is one thing you have to remember about purposebuilt dive watches.

The manufacturer expects them to get bumped around, and knocking agiant sapphire crystal into boat hulls, air tanks, etc, wouldeventually result in a busted crystal. Citizen chose wisely, eventhough I would personally have chosen the more luxurious route, overpracticality, simply because I am overly careful with my dive equipment.


The Anni uses Citizen's U100 Quartz, which has a stated accuracy of +/-15s per month. I've had the watch in my possession for 7 days, and ithas remained exactly synchronized with the Atomic clock in my office.

Of course, the draw for this watch is not the timekeeping, though the accuracy is nice, it's the dive features.

I will be doing a separate review of the watch in dive mode, becausethere are so many different screens to show and talk about, it would beboring for me to describe them instead of showing them to you.

The watch records up to 99 numerically ordered dives, 20 at a time. Asyou add a new one, the oldest is cleared out of memory. Another thingto note, that may or may not be an issue for individual buyers, is thatthe analog depth meter on the 9:00 side of the dial is not "live" perse.

The current depth is displayed on the LCD screen throughout the dive,as well as other pertinent information. The analog meter shows only themaximum depth for the current dive.

The Anni also features "surface mode" for use with dive tables andplanning. Logs can display date of dive, elapsed time, start time,water temperature, max depth, and numerical dive number. Please notethat this watch does *NOT* contain any decompression algorithms, orother PDC software. It is simply a timing device with a depth / tempsensor.

The watch has depth alarms, dive time alarms, and an ascent rate alarm, as well as three normal "time" alarms for everyday use.

Please see the video's at the bottom for a detailed example of divingwith this watch, and stay tuned for my update of the watch in an actualdive.

Strap and Buckle

The Anni uses a very nicely made rubber strap that is long enough tofit over my drysuit. It makes the watch a bit of a bear to wear ineveryday situations, because the strap has a lot of hangover. If Icould find the bracelet for this model, I would definitely wear it inmy usual rotation on the bracelet instead of the strap.

However, the strap is high quality, and the buckle is signed with the Citizen Promaster Logo.

Importnt to note here, is that even though the strap is not"integrated" into the watch, it does fit into the case in a strangemanner, which would make this a difficult replacement for anythingother than OEM strap/bracelet options. I'm fairly sure a NATO or ZULUwould work on this watch, and I will update the review accordinglyafter I've tried it.

<img src=""WIDTH=718 HEIGHT=536 alt="" />


The Anni has some amazing lume, both on the Digital and Analog readoutsof the watch. Almost everything on the dial lights up, and it's anawesome effect.

Overall, I can happily say that the Anni is a functional, stylish, andeffective piece of dive equipment, but I will restate at this pointthat it is just that. A piece of dive equipment. Someone who will notscuba dive may want to think twice before buying this model. It hasonly features that are related to scuba diving, outside of threesurface alarms.

So unless you just love the styling, this watch may be one you shouldpass on for something more practical. Not that I wouldn't love to seeany one of you wearing this watch, I just wanted to make you aware thatit is purpose built, so you can go into your purchase as an educatedconsumer.

I love the Anni, and after a small hiccup with some glue residue on thecrystal, it has entered the rotation and will be participating in acouple dives very soon. What an amazing addition from Citizen.

Video courtesy of "Nikudes" via YouTube.
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