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Authored by: poeta_m1

Glad to show you my Citizen 8110 Bullhead.

It's a vintage column wheel cronograph, and it's 100% original except for crystal, crown and bracelet.
The calibre is the 8110 and it runs @ 28800 bph.
Furthermore, it has got the flyback function and the hand-winding capability.
Curiously, the date wheel can be adjusted by the crown, while the daywheel can be adjusted only by the chrono reset button (the crown has tobe into the day/date adjusting position).

The watch case appears to be very small if compared to a Seiko6138 "Ufo", however it looks nice and pleasant (it reminds me MickeyMouse...!).
Looking very close to the dial, some of the index appear to be notperfectly aligned, maybe they have been removed and reapplied on mywatch, who knows... however the dial seems to be original.

The bracelet is a cheap aftermarket one, with Citizen marked clasp.
Maybe I will search and buy the original one.

Imho this is the best price-quality ratio japanese cronograph that you can buy.

Now enjoy some pictures:

Wrist shot:


Next to the Seiko 6138 "Ufo":

I hope you like it!! [img]
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