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Citizen 5502 quartz movement interchangeability?

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Hi, I was wondering before I took the plunge, which Miyota movement would interchange with a 5502 Citizen. From my research a 6M02 would fit but this is also obsolete via the Cousins website. So will a GM00 fit or maybe a 1M02 ? It is slightly slimmer at 2.97 as opposed to 3.3mm but I guess I could pack it out? Thanks in advance
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The 6M02 or 6102 has different dial feet position to the 5502 - looking at the tech pdf drawings.
But all the 550x series use the same mainplate and are pretty much interchangeable (except the 5503 which uses some different pieces for the dive watch)
Esslinger have new 5500's Maybe you could use this, or in combination with the 5502 bits?
Here's the 5502 and 61xx drawings
I've put some info together here


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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